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The state enables and assists in destruction of working class health on capital’s behalf. Capital even takes out life insurance policies on their workers. The conditions that lead to worker deaths provides executive pay and they can simply hire more workers to replace the dead.

“A lawyer who charges $50,000 for a criminal case . . . $5,000 is for the preparation and the trail work . . . and $45,000 for his expertise in advising his client whether to take the stand… This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

The Western judicial system generates much capital and little justice because the system destroying our collective health always stays fully intact.

Capital literally murders their workers and consumers and it’s only a fine for the business that never reaches the injured workers and many even take out insurance policies on workers and profit from the deaths their workplace policies create.

There is no justice for capital crimes against humanity and they will continue until the systems that support capital’s interests are destroyed and replaced with ones that actually serve the working class and those most vulnerable like infants and elders who do not work and have no voice in the systems that exploit and destroy them most.

You should take the time to to read about all the worker life insurance policies that are taken out on workers by General Electric, Dow DuPont, and the banks below. Executive pay is created from those insurance policies taken out on their workers.

Of course capitalists want dead workers. Their manufactured deaths is what provides much executive pay today…

The working class have no actual power over the systems that destroy them because they continue enabling them through very purposeful bourgeois propaganda. When this Russian oligarch moved production to the US, the female workers went on strike and the police beat and assaulted them for asking for higher wages, safer working conditions, and shorter working days.

The doors were locked when the fire started and many jumped to their deaths. The bourgeois owners gave the families of the dead $75. They made hundreds on insurance for each worker’s death.

It happened yet again and the owners were only fined $20. Americans still don’t get that they have no working class party and they continue to demonize any attempt to even create a working class party who exclusively serves the workers not their exploiters.

Capitalists perversion of words and deliberately deceptive propaganda keep the barbaric systems destroying working class, community, and children’s health in place.

TRIANGLE’S ECHOES: The Unfinished Struggle for Worker Protection, Safety and Health

Capitalists deliberately create working conditions that kill their workers. It’s what enables executive pay today.

Death Benefits: An Insurable Interest

“Over time, life insurance began morphing from a tax shelter into a finance tool for executive pay. For decades, if an individual or company wanted to buy life insurance on someone, they had to have an “insurable interest in the person,” that is, the beneficiary of the policy would be directly affected by the insured’s death. This rule existed for obvious reasons: a skydiver, race car driver, or coal miner–and profit from his demise. And if he didn’t die soon enough, the policyholder would have an incentive to push him over a cliff.

Initially, companies bought policies to protect them from the deaths of certain executives, or “key” employees. It made sense for partners in law and accounting firms to buy life insurance on each other. But encouraged by insurance brokers, companies began buying it on broad swaths of their employees, because by insuring thousands of employees, not just “key men,” the companies can place greater sums in life insurance contracts.

Dow Chemical, the Midland, Michigan, company known for its manufacturing of napalm, breast implants, and Agent Orange, was initially skeptical. An internal memo noted that, except for top-paid executives, it was “doubtful that Dow has an insurable interest in any of its employees.” But it overcame its qualms and by 1992 had purchased life insurance policies on more than 20,000 employees.

Congress had no idea how widespread this practice had become until someone ratted on them. In 1995, a brown envelope was left on the desk of Ken Kies, chief of staff at the Joint Tax Committee. The envelope contained a list of companies that had bought life insurance on employees–along with the calculations showing that a company might take in $1.2 billion over ten years by insuring 50,000 of its employees. It also noted that from 1993 to 1995, Wal-Mart had taken out insurance on 350,000 workers….

“Page after page of a 1990 document called a “Death Run” lays out the names, ages, and Social Security numbers of more than 1,400 who would be worth more dead than alive. Also included was the amount of money the company was to receive when each employee died, even if the death occurred long after he or she left the job. Older workers would bring the company about $120,000 to $200,000 each, while younger workers would generate $400,000 to almost $500,000 each..”

(Make sure you read the book excerpts from the 2011 book Retirement Heist. There’s a reason the red neck Bolsheviks fought against the white collar managers to secure resources and production in Russia.)

Retirement Heist by Ellen E. Schultz. Death Benefits: An Insurable Interest

Informed consent never existed in the first place..

The Poison Squad

The Poisoner’s Handbook

Song of the Canary story 1979

You’re the canary now and have been for some time…

We’ve been poisoned for over a century by capital manufacturers without informed consent and with the same poisons resold in many capital market products. Before formaldehyde was put in vaccines, it was added to milk that poisoned and killed infants and children in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Arsenic in wall paper and food coloring agents poisoned and killed infants and children before it was added as a preservative to wood to build the playgrounds to poison and kill infants and children in the 1990s. Lead never stopped, like arsenic, poisoning and killing infants and children as well as the working class in all capital industrialized nations. When government programs sprayed DDT all over that paralyzed small children and workers.. neither the governments nor industrialists provided informed consent about the biological harm of their organochlorine technologies nor DARPA’s first project to expand all organochlorine munition technology markets.

Informed consent has never existed in the first place..

PBS, American “academics,” intellectuals, the Republican and Democratic Parties, and media completely ignore labor for a reason. They don’t work for them and never have by design. They work for capital mass murderers and should all be seen as their accomplices.

There will never be a PBS series teaching labor about what destroys them. On Nova, brought to you by the Koch Foundation, there will never be an episode about the harm of benzene technologies. Those biologically destroying hydrocarbon technologies are far too highly profitable for our capitalists. They build and come in bomb, spray, pill, injection, chemical additives, plastics, birth control products, and make most of our consumer products. (Birth control IUDs was my unfortunate blindspot) Can’t allow the laborers or the working class consumers to be educated about the biological impacts of those technologies or they would see how they are knowingly being murdered for capital profit. PBS works for capital and so do all our government agencies. They don’t work for labor and they don’t work for the working class consumers of their designed destructive systems either.

“For twenty-one years, while the Kochs were financing an ideological war aimed at freeing American business from the grip of government, Donald Carlson was cleaning up the dregs their industry left behind. Stitched to the jacket he wore to work at Koch Refining Company, the booming Pine Bend Refinery in Rosemount, Minnesota, was the name Bull. His colleagues called him this because of his brawn and his willingness to shoulder the tasks no one else wanted to touch…

Its profitability had proven the Koch’s purchase of Pine Bend prophetic. It had become the largest refinery north of Louisiana with the capacity to process 330,000 barrels of crude a day, a quarter of what Canada exported to the United States. It provided over half of the gas used in Minnesota and 40 percent of that used by Wisconsin. Carlson’s job was demanding but he enjoyed it. He cleaned out huge tanks that contained leaded gasoline, scraping them down by hand. He took samples from storage tanks whose vapors escaped with such force they sometimes blew his helmet off. He hoisted heavy loads and vacuumed up fuel spills deep enough to cause burns to his legs. Like many of the thousand employees at the refinery, Carlson was often exposed to toxic substances. “He was practically swimming in those tanks,” his wife recalled. But Carlson never thought twice about the hazards. “I was a young guy,” he explained later. “They didn’t tell me anything, I didn’t know anything.”

In particular, Carlson said, no one warned him about benzene, a colorless liquid chemical compound refined from crude oil. In 1928, two Italian doctors first detected a connection between it and cancer. Afterward, numerous scientific studies linked chronic benzene exposure to greatly increased risks of leukemia. Four federal agencies—the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Center for Disease Control—have all declared benzene a human carcinogen. Asked under oath if he’d been warned about the harm it posed to his hemoglobin, Carlson replied, “I didn’t even know what hemoglobin was.”

In 1995, Carlson was too sick to work any longer at the refinery. When he obtained his company medical records, he and his wife were shocked by what they read. In the late 1970’s, OSHA had issued regulations requiring companies whose workers were exposed to benzene to offer annual blood tests, and to retest, and notify workers if any abnormalities were found. Companies were also required to refer employees with abnormal results to medical specialists. Koch Refining Company had offered the annual blood tests as legally required, and Carlson had dutifully taken advantage of the regular screening. But what he discovered was that even though his tests had shown increasingly serious, abnormal blood cell counts beginning in 1990, as well as in 1992 and 1993, the company had not mentioned it to him until 1994.

Charles Koch had disparaged government regulations as “socialistic.” From his standpoint, the regulatory state that had grown out of the Progressive Era was an illegitimate encroachment on free enterprise and a roadblock to initiative and profitability. But while such theories might appeal to the company’s owners, the reality was quite different for many of their tens of thousands of employees.

Carlson continued working for another year but grew weaker, needing transfusions of three to five pints of blood a week. Finally, in the summer of 1995, he grew too sick to work at all. At that point, his wife recalls, “they let him go. Six-months’ pay was what they gave him. It was basically his accumulated sick pay.” Carlson argued that his illness was job related, but Koch Refining denied his claim, refusing to pay him workers’ compensation, which would have covered his medical bills and continued dependency benefits for his wife and their teenage daughter. “The doctor couldn’t believe he was never put on workmen’s comp,” she added. “We were just naive. We didn’t think people would let you die. We thought, ‘They help you, don’t they?’

In February 1997, twenty-three years after he joined Koch Industries, Donald Carlson died of leukemia. He was fifty-three. He and his wife had been married thirty-one years. “Almost the worst part,” she said, was that “he died thinking he’d let us down financially.” She added, “My husband was the sort of man who truly believed that if you worked hard and did a good job, you would be rewarded.” – Dark Money (portions from pages 120 – 122.)

Bull never met my dear George who regularly visits me in dreamland. “Don’t forget about me!” And I always wake up. Reagan made certain their introduction would never happen.

For the working class suffering from Reagan puppet nostalgia…

“Banned OSHA films are now on YouTube. Industrial Safety & Hygiene News;Oct2008, Vol. 42 Issue 10, p16. The article reports on three banned films from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which are on YouTube. These films include “Can’t Take No More,” “The Story of OSHA” and “Worker to Worker.” These films were originally produced and distributed by OSHA in 1980 during the Jimmy Carter administration, but were recalled and destroyed early in the Ronald Reagan administration by the new head of OSHA, Thorne Auchter.”

Please all meet George. He was a laborer working in Iowa City and has a message for all of you and one that poor Bull never heard.

“I don’t want what’s happened to me to happen to someone else.” – George

Multi-billion dollar capital industries made certain that this Iowa City man’s message was never received by the masses. They also made certain that labor and the working class would never have the knowledge that this potent carcinogen would be utilized to build plastics, lubricants, dyes, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and pesticides. (Our evolved IG Farben cartel products and Israeli Chemical Combine.)

On June 29th in 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World, the “Wobblies,” is founded at a 12-day convention in Chicago. The Wobbly motto: “An injury to one is an injury to all.” That motto is more relevant today than ever!

Benzene kills and destroys health. Children have greater exposures to environmental toxins than adults. Pound for pound of body weight, children drink more water, eat more food, and breathe more air than adults. Moreover, the air intake of a resting infant is twice that of an adult. So when our nation’s leaders and elected officials decided to protect Fracking and benzene and coal tar technologies and all their monstrous synthetic offspring, they gave many of our most vulnerable children death sentences, birth defects, and a journey through hell on earth.

“Freedom” to the Koch brothers, Big Pharma cartel, Israeli Chemical Combine translates to no accountability for homicidal market systems and products.

They have known for a very long time that benzene causes cancer and they hid the truth from the public and the victims.

Exposed: Decades of denial on poisons but you all continue buying them and even make your poor children wear masks saturated with them!

New battlefront for petrochemical industry: benzene and childhood leukemia


Staley: The Fight for a New Labor Movement book excerpts (Capitalists are working hard to prevent any kind of working class movement to stop their complete destruction.)

“Phyllis Beals walked into her home in the late afternoon on May 15, 1990, after working all day as a sales clerk representative. She punched the play button on the answering machine and heard the cheerful voice of her husband, Jim asking her to bring his supper to the plant. There was nothing out of the ordinary in Jim’s voice or in his routine. Lately the company had often required overtime, so that Phyllis had to drive Jim’s supper to him. She looked at her watch: it was 4:30 P.M. She had just enough time to pick up some fast food and get to the plant by 5:00 to meet Jim in the parking lot….

As P.J. pulled into the Staley parking lot, she was surprised to see rescue units with flashing lights. P.J. parked the car and joined a married couple carrying out the same meal-delivery ritual. When the man started walking back into the plant, the woman said to P.J., “This damn place makes me so mad. When are they going to take care of safety?” Their eyes fixed on the rescue trucks.

P.J. replied with a comment that has haunted her: “Oh, probably when they kill somebody.”

The woman’s husband reappeared in the parking lot and asked P.J. to come to the plant. She anxiously went inside, where a group of workers told her, “Jim and some other men were working inside a tank. There was an accident. Jim has been hurt. We’re working on getting him out.” A cold chill went up her spine…

After two and one-half hours, Staley CEO Larry Cunningham came into the room and told P.J. that Jim was dead. P.J. looked at him in disbelief. The life of her beloved Jim, only forty-three years old, had been stolen. Tears streamed from her eyes as waves of shock swept over her.

Gene Sharp and other workers tried to console her and urged P.J. to go home. “My initial thought was, ‘I can’t just leave him here,’” recalled P.J. “They still didn’t have him out of the tank. They had a rescuer down there far enough to make sure that Jim was not alive, but I didn’t want to leave until I knew he was out”…

Jim Beals filed grievances against the company whenever he saw a violation of the contract or the law that might endanger one of his co-workers. Since 1988, when the London-based multinational sugar conglomerate Tate & Lyle had bought the Staley plant, management’s regard for safety had steadily deteriorated. “We’ve had a large number of near misses where workers almost died,” said Staley worker Dan Lane. As supervisors continually forced workers into hazardous circumstances, unionist Henry Kramer commented that management’s mind-set was “We’re not going to do things the safest way possible. We’re going to do them the cheapest way possible.”

The Staley workers were growing increasingly anxious and angry about their safety but encountered bullying tactics when they complained to the plant’s new management. “There was an atmosphere of intimidating people from filing safety grievances,” recalled Bill Strohl, who served as local union president for seven years in the late 1970s and early 1980s. “When they were filed, sometimes they would be found in a foreman’s desk weeks later. Sometimes they would just disappear. People were afraid of saying anything for fear of being fired.”

“People don’t report accidents, because if you do, you’re going to lose your job,” said mechanic Don Moore. “If you say something to [your supervisor] about an accident, they’re ready to throw you out the gate. You’ve got people out there getting injured every day who are afraid to go to First Aid.”

But Jim Beals was the exception. Weeks before, he had filed a grievance challenging the lack of safety procedures when tanks were cleaned. Management had refused to address the grievance, so the union planned to take it to arbitration.

Just two hours before his death, Jim Beals had gone to the union’s small office within the plant to talk to union officer Jim Shinall and to file another safety grievance. “Something has to be done about the propylene oxide problem,” said Beals, “because tragedy is just around the corner.” Several workers later reported that they could sometimes smell the toxic fumes outside the building…

Safety conditions continued to deteriorate. Supervisors forced workers to ignore OSHA standards as they worked with hazardous chemicals. When workers refused, they were verbally abused, usually disciplined, and sometimes fired. Nonunion contractors, whose workers were untrained in safety procedures and regularly violated OSHA regulations, were hired to do union work. The plant’s safety team was slashed from twenty-four to three… So when Jim Beals was killed on the job on May 15, 1990. the entire union workforce reacted with rage.” – Staley: The Fight For A New American Labor Movement by Steven K. Ashby and C.J. Hawking – 2009 (portions from pages 1 – 3, 23.)

Sadly, the Union followed the CIA playbook utilizing civil disobedience and were then crushed by the capitalists.

And capitalists have known benzene destroys our biology.

April 14, 1958 – Esso – Toxigram Regarding Benzene Toxicity from PBS Program “Trade Secrets” – Ross Archive

Benzene – “Most authorities agree the only level which can be considered absolutely safe for prolonged exposure is zero.”…

So what did they then do? They build colossal multi-million dollar markets off of it.

And in case you were wondering about the origins of “The Silent War”

The Environmental Management Committee of the Chemical Manufacturers Association is “managing” The Environmental Regulatory Arena Affecting the Chemical Industry

“Gentlemen, this is a campaign that has the dimension and detail of a war. Let me explain.

The Legislature and Regulatory Process (Figure 9) is fairly understood by all of us. Industry’s shortcoming has been IN NOT participating in all of the steps in this process. We must participate at every step, all the time, in this process. page 6

The allowable maleic anhydride plants is proposed to be set at zero under the New Source Performance Standards, forcing a shift away from benzene technology!!” page 8

“Gentlemen, this is a campaign that has the dimension and detail of a war. This is a war–not a battle. The dollars expended on offense are token compared to future costs. We must get the bad parts out of the regulations.” page 22

The Chemical Manufacturers Association was successful because they united and strategically planned and participated at every step of the legislation and regulatory process. The money they spent paid off and continues to do so.And the workers, children, consumers, and communities continue paying dearly because they continue supporting all their controlled systems and institutions.

Song of the Canary DBCP story 1979

We’re all the canaries and are children are the ones who suffer biologically the most because we didn’t learn Big Bill’s lessons. Some things should never have been manufactured at all and never put in capital controlling hands.

William ‘Big Bill’ Haywood “Industrial Socialism” Tales of American Socialism

They’ve even won their Silent War and the evidence is clear. Look around and see all who wear their masks of submission and who question none of their narratives nor the biological impacts of their technologies from their highly manipulative propaganda media campaigns! They continue to buy it all!

“I think unless the people are given information about what is happening to them, they will die in ignorance. And I think that’s the big sin. I mean if there is such a thing as a sin, that’s it, to destroy people and not have them have a clue about how this is happening.” – Alice Walker

Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time…

LIVING DOWNSTREAM – Official Trailer

We all live downstream and without our informed consent.

The working and non-working class populations living downwind and downstream certainly have no informed consent to what is destroying their biological health.

The administrators and the the white collar executives who exploit their workers who spend all their days hitting a little white ball around organochlorine saturated greens are not your friend. They are there to keep the exploitation system in place.

Many today claim Marx supported Hegel… that would be on par as having someone claim years from now that I supported Cass Dow Chemical Fascist Sunstein…

I understand.

“In 1844 Marx had questioned the possibility of keeping the coming German revolution “which leaves the pillars of the house standing”, and declared Germany could be emancipated only through revolutionary proletariat” – The Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1923 by Edward Carr (Page 12)

This was the gist of the famous concluding passage of the essay On the Critique of Hegel’s Theory of Law, ending with the prediction that “the signal for Germany’s resurrection from the dead will be given by the crow of the Gallic cock” (Karl Marx-Friedrich Engels: Historisch-Kritosche Gesamtausgabe 1 Teil, I, i, 617-620)

That is not an endorsement, in my humble opinion, but many claim Marx supported Hegel. Most have not even bothered to read Capital by Marx either. It documents worker conditions that lead to mass murder of workers and primarily child workers.

The state enables and assists in destruction of health on capital’s behalf. Capital even takes out life insurance policies on their working class. The conditions that lead to worker deaths provides executive pay and they can simply hire more workers to replace the dead.

You get that injection and are injured or die? You better believe they will make money off your health destruction and death and it will be you and your family that suffers from the system that enriches their pockets emptying yours!

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